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Create your
new internet presence

Let's establish a clean, easy to understand, online presence, together. River Trail Creative can help your customers find you, and help you find new customers.

Business Boost

Claim Your Business

Get your business listed in all the places your customers are searching for you!

Logo and Art Design

Our customized design process produces high quality art for any purpose!

SEO Story Writing

We’ll help you tell your story in a way that search engines will notice and recommend!


People like to see your business before they visit it. For St Louis local business, we can come by and give you the chance to make that connection!

Web Design and Hosting

Catchy Single Page Sites

Websites add legitimacy and focus to products and ideas. We can take your idea and lay out a clean and simple website to help everyone understand!

Informative and Laid Out Business Sites

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve got a story to tell and people to reach.

Whether it’s customers, colleagues, or members, we’ll organize all your information across multiple pages.

Already have a website you don’t love? No problem! We’ll move all of your information over and we can decide what stays and what goes!

Logo Design +

Clean, Professional Logos

Our logos are ready for any purpose from your website, to business cards and vans. We deliver a large variety of files and we’re happy to get any file size or type you need. And all the rights belong to you. Your logo is yours to use as you please, forever!

An Iterative Design Process

River Trail Creative uses an iterative process for logo design. We’ll create a few styles and ideas and we’ll walk through what you want together to make sure we arrive at your perfect design. 

Updates from me and continued input from you will guide the whole design process.