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Your Logo Designed Your Way

Stand Out

The world can be very competitive. Get an edge over your competition with clean, professional art that makes your business pop!

Let's Work Together

We'll create multiple designs to choose from. Updates and revisions mean we can work together to tweak your logo until it's perfect!

Original, Yours, Always

All of our designs are hand made for your business. All of the rights to the images are yours to use as you please, always.

Logo Touch-Ups

If you just need your current logo touched up, we're happy to help! We can vectorize it so we can scale it to any size, without losing quality.

Logos I've Done

The Desk Gardener

The Desk Gardener is a blog about indoor gardening, specifically at your desk or office. 

Theme: Technology and Gardening

Colors: Earth tones with a green pop.

Better Bug Out

Better Bug Out is a survival blog focused on bug out bags, which are backpacks or other bags that you’d take on the road if you had to leave in an emergency.

Theme: Backpacking and Business Initials

Colors: Greens and Orange

Go For The Grill

Go For The Grill is a small grilling blog that rates and review different types of grills

Theme: Grill Accessories

Colors: Brown and neutrals.

Need Something Else?

Looking for a menu, a business card, or an advertisement? We might be able to help! RTC has designed for a variety of different mediums in the past and we’re always eager to pick up more. Worst case, if we can’t help you directly we’re more than happy to help you find someone who can!